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Aqueous Labs, Inc.

Mission Statement

We strive to provide the finest custom formulations, the most reliable customer service and the best overall value in the health food supplement industry.

Types of Products

Aqueous Labs has been in the custom formulation business since 1990. We started manufacturing sublingual liquid vitamins and have since evolved our capabilities to include lipozomes, emulsions, colloidal mineral solutions, aloe vera drink concentrates, Noni, liquid vitamins and liquid minerals, liquid weight loss products, various homeopathic products, sports and nutrition gels, liquid animal nutritional products, liquid proteins, liquid melatonin, DHEA, nutritional popsicles, and any other products in liquid form.

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Aqueous Labs
 is a company founded on the principal of bringing the most up to date ingredients and science together using the highest GMP standards possible. We create some of the most unique and innovative products available in the industry today. Aqueous Labs works with our customers to develop and manufacture pre-existing formulas or create new formulas and products around our customer's concepts.

Development Process

Development includes testing of all types, from microanalysis to stability and shelf life. We are intellectually supported by a group of some of our industry's top scientific, medical, and legal advisors in an effort to bring forward the highest quality products available at competitive prices.

Lab Equipment

We have an extensive list of equipment allowing us to validate both raw materials and finished product, including size exclusion chromatography. We have established testing to validate aloe vera as a pure ingredient and as a finished product.

We have more than enough equipment to meet any volumes anyone might require. We have tanks ranging from 15 gallons to 3,800 gallons, both cold mix and heated mix capabilities, as well as pasteurization of products.

Aqueous Labs also has the ability to homogenize any mix. All the mixed liquid solution is pumped from the clean room to packaging in closed loop, overhead lines, directly into the designated filling machines, which will run any size bottle from 1/2 ounce to I gallon, including single serving packets and popsicle tubes.

We can either shrink-wrap or heat induction seal each bottle. We apply pressure sensitive labels and ink jet codes and expiration dates, as needed. The finished goods are then automatically wrapped on pallets.

Aqueous Labs attention to detail allows us to offer our customers the comfort of knowing the product we produce and supply for their market will withstand the most rigorous testing and scrutiny of an ever-increasing education level on the part of the consumer and he regulatory groups alike. We refuse to sacrifice honesty and quality for any reason.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers needs and simply be the best at what we do.